Strategic Partners

Infinex Investments, Inc. is our FINRA and SIPC registered broker- dealer. Infinex was formed by community banks, is owned by community banks, and concentrates exclusively on working with community banks. We offer all of our securities and insurance products through Infinex, they oversee compliance and suitability, product review, and the following strategic partnerships.


Pershing LLC is our clearing and custodian agent (a BNY Mellon Company). Pershing specializes in safeguarding investment as a third party custodian of secuties and supplies us with the computer platform to trade securities for our cleints. Other than a few clients that own Mutual Funds and Insurance where their securities are held directly at the Mutual Fund or Insurance Co. Most of our client's accounts are held at Pershing. In layman's terms this means when a clients writes a check to invest they make it out to Pershing, not United Investment Group. We deposit and make trades through Pershing's propreitery software, NETX360. Pershing also produces statements and a secure website for timely updates on account data.      

Albridge is an affiliate of Pershing (a BNY Mellon Company) provides our enhanced wealth reporting software. Through this we have the capability of consolidating client account data from many sources to analyze and report investor performance at the individual holding, asset class, account or household level on demand for any time period.


Lockwood Advisors Inc., an affiliate of Pershing LLC, is one of our fee-based advisory investment solutions. Lockwood has a proud history of leadership and innovation that is firmly grounded in institutional investment principals an independent, unbiased investment research. With nearly 300 year of combined experience, the team is dedicated to helping us implement thoughtful, deliberate investment solutions. From their roots in money manager research, Lockwood has evolved to offer multiple fee-based investment solutions - all grounded in the same disciplined investment philosophy. Loockwood combines our expertise in capital markets analysis, portfolio contruction and money manager research to build what we believe are comprehensive investment solutions. Our suite of investment soltutions include:

- Separately managed accounts
- Flexible mutual fund/exchange-traded fund (ETF) wrap accounts
- Discreationary unified managed accounts
- Discreationary mutual fund/ETF wrap accounts 


Envestnet is another fee based advisory account platform. Envestnet, founded in 1999 began with an idea that would revolutionize the services that financial advisors provide to our clients. Merging the expertise of top investment managers, a broad range of fee-based investment products, and an array of enhanced financial technology, such as powerful analytic tools, dynamic reporting utilities, and other practice management applications. The Envestnet platform brings it all together via a proprietary unified technology platform. 

Over the years, they have grown into one of the largest providers of wealth management solutions in the industry, with more than 400 employees in Chicago, Boston, Denver, NewYork, Silicon Valley, and Trivandrum, India.

The synergy between Envestnet and Portfolio Management Consultants (PMC), Envestnet's Portfolio Consulting Group, opens doors to comprehensive and integreated investment solutions that help us meet the needs of our clients.


Morningstar Analyst Research Center satisfies our demands with Mutual Fund and Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) research. Morningstar provides data on more than 21,000 Mutual Funds and thousands of ETF's. Their comprehensive analyst reports deliver complete overview and twelve years of history all on one page. This includes Morningstar analyst's take, discussions of he fund's stategy and management, and the exclusive Morningstar Rating, style box, and historical returns.


Standard & Poors equity research is dedicated to providing us timely, objective and actionable investment intelligence that enables us to help our clients navigate and seek success in even the most complex global markets. Standard & Poors Multi-Asset Class Research and Analysis, is provided by analysts, who bring the highest standards of integrity, objectivity and rigor to their work. The research an analysis includes qualitative and quantitative models that cover more than 1,900 stocks qualitatively and 8,200 quantitatively across the US, Europe, Middle East, Australia, and Asia.


MoneyGuidePro is a PIEtech company is dedicated to one thing - helping us use financial planning to more effectively motivate each of our clients to create, implement, and maintain an investment strategy that best meets their lifetime financial goals. PIEtech developed MoneyGuidePro to for financial advisors. They believe that everyone can benefit from professional financial advice and have developed MoneyGuidePro as an internet based program so that we can share and work with our clients collaboratively through the internet.